• 25 years life time, 15 years warranty by manufacturer

  • Pass over 30 test items through Intertek under ASTM standards

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  • EXPO2010 Shanghai Specified decking for outdoor boardwalks and rest areas use in large quantity

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   1.  Why Choose WPC Decking?

            *  Natural colour   

         *  Slip resistant 

         *  15 years warranty

         *  Low maintenance
         *  Beautiful finish

      WPC decking is an attractive and dependable decking solution. Each piece is knot free and consistent in size, colour and  length. It looks,   smells and handles like wood but has the durability of plastic.



   2. WPC Decking More Advantages:

       *   WPC decking can be sawed , nailed, and fixed by screws and easily repaired
         *   With harder and non-slip surface, no crackle, no scar
         *   Without the drawbacks of corroding, splintering, termite damage, or fungal decay
         *   Water and corrosion resistant,alkali-proof,moth-proof,ignition obstruction and odor-free
         *   Anti-UV, wpc decking need no painting, no glue
         *   Easy to install and clean
         *   Weather resistant,wpc decking suitable from - 40℃ to 70℃
         *  100% recyclable,wpc decking really environmentally friendly

   3. WPC decking is made from:

     * 60% Natural wood or bamboo fibres powder

       * 30% HDPE plastic

       * 10% Chemical additives

        In high temperature and high pressure through a professional wood – extrusion equipment. WPCdecking can be widely used in large square, landscape, terrace and so on. Compare with wooden and antiseptic decking, wpc decking has great advantage: without paint, no glue, low maintenance costs, can be barefoot, non-slip, hard to crack, 100% environmentally protection, saving forest resources.

   4. Production Flow of Wood-Plastic Composite Decking(WPC Decking)  :